E30 318 iS Project

The phone rings. It’s a number I recognise.

“Hi. I was wondering if, by chance, you had an E30 M42 engine. It has to be the E30 one because I don’t have any of the E30 bits to swap onto an early E36 engine to get it to fit the E30. I’ve bought an E30 318iS with all the iS bits robbed off it – a real tidy wee shell, but missing the engine, interior and lip.”

At this point, my brain is formulating my response, which is, “Actually, you’re in luck.  I do.  I bought one for that 318iS convertible project, but then decided that the convertible’s condition and history meant it’d be better to stay standard. I’ve engine, loom, AFM, ECU, diff and gearbox. Prop too if necessary.”

Then there’s the clearly intended to be unspoken thoughts that go along with the brain’s proposed response:- “Thats a bit of luck.  I might be able to get out of that bloody engine and all the other bits without losing a fortune on it and clear some space for an engine with the right number of pistons.”

All of this is happening in the split second that it takes to conduct each portion of my  side of the conversation. So in that fraction of a second, my brain has formulated the spoken response, formulated the unspoken response, separated them, made sure the unspoken response stays just that and sent the spoken response to my mouth via the vocal cords and whatever else is required for speech.

I open my mouth and say,

“Sounds good. How much do you want for it?”!!


318iS project for sale – just needs an interior now.

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