1990 BMW E30 318iS Project Turns Into S54 Powered Track Car

I’ve a little reluctantly come to the conclusion that this E30 318iS project is unlikely to get to the front of the restoration queue much before it becomes eligible for free road tax and I’m prepared to move it on to allow someone else a shot at building a very tidy 318iS.

I’m not going to feed you all the baby M3/prices are only going one way/better than a 325i/investment potential bullshit and I’ll assume that you know what an E30 318iS is and how much more unusual it is than the ubiquitous E36 318iS.

If not, it’s a sporty 16 valve E30. Quite sought after, it does perform nicely and very differently from the six cylinder cars. Revvy and peppy, it is quite an enjoyable drive. Only manufactured for about a year in 1990/91 it is one of the rarer E30 variants.

What is for sale?
It’s a very good, solid 318iS rolling shell. Effectively all the iS bits – except the black headlining – have been removed – believed stolen, but the removal of the engine certainly doesn’t give the impression that it was done by thieves.
A known good 97000 mile M42 with all ancillaries, loom, ECU etc. This will bolt in and once done, the car will drive. Everything required to get the car mechanically sorted is there. There are even some duplicates/spares.
A pair of 51mm vented disc front struts – it’s on 45mm struts just now.

What does it need to complete it?
Interior – we’ll have some bits which I’ll include, but it definitely needs seats and door cards
Front valance and bumper – I might have one
IS lip – I can get new for about £100
Wheels. It’ll come on four slave wheels
N/s rear quarter light
Other bits and pieces

But it’s a rare opportunity to buy a good solid two door genuine iS shell with some desirable bits – not least the complete 318iS running gear M42 engine gearbox, prop and diff, 51mm front struts, black headlining etc. Think of the value of the parts alone and it’s a good deal, never mind the good iS shell.

I’d consider an E30 convertible or a Baur or any other interesting classic (BMW preferably, but not necessarily) in px/swap too.

Sensible offers bearing in mind what’s on offer will be entertained. Stupid offers will be ignored. If you make an offer and don’t hear from me, you can assume it was a stupid one.

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  1. Hi there? I have been watching your ad for a while now as I’m looking back into the e30 game. I’m originally from the north of Ireland and have owned a lot of bmws. Im currently living in Australia but will be returning to Ireland in a couple of weeks. I sold my red 325i sport to part fund the trip and have been heartbroken ever since. Anyway long story short I’m very interested in this car and would like some more information on it.
    Does it come with front lights,grill your ad says the dash is gone but it looks like its present in the photos. I’m not to worried about seats and door cards as I have some already. Have you had a look at the rear inner arches/pockets/sills/around front window for corrosion? Have you had a look at the sunroof cassette? Any bubbles on the roof around the sunroof if there is one. It looks like it I the photos.
    I’m sorry for all the questions or if I seem like I’m undermining you as you stated its a solid shell, I’m just double checking.
    Look forward to a reply
    Many thanks, Dan

    1. Hi Dan, thanks for the interest. This car is sold, but in expecting another 318iS later this week and have an early 325i two door for sale on behalf of a customer just now.

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