The Great Project Cull – 1984 B Baur TC2 Rolling Shell

The Great 2017 Project Cull continues.

Next up is this 1984 B Baur TC rolling shell.

This is every bit as bad as it looks. But it is cheap!  It is rusty in just about all the places you’d expect an early shell to be rusty – battery tray, floor/footwell, scuttle, sills etc., but there are areas where work has been started and where it’s not too bad.

Make no mistake though, this is a significant project. It is no coincidence that it is parked next to an E38, because my plan was to build a V8 powered workshop pick up out of it.

If anyone wants it, they can have it complete with known good, running v8 engine and auto box. £500 complete with engine and gearbox




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