Creator C310+ Scanner and Code Reader


It has taken a while, but even we have had to succumb to the computer diagnostic  age and have had to purchase a code reader.

A bit of research led me to look at the Creator C310+, which appears to be a Carsoft i910 clone at a significant discount.

I ordered one from Amazon and it turned up a day or two later DOA. The supplier replaced it immediately and it has worked faultlessly  ever since.

It’s a handheld device that is far from bulky.

It is easy to store and easy to use. It works on just about all BMWs from 1997 – 2013 and certainly works on a the stuff we’d ever need it for – E38 and E39 basically. We’ve also used it on an E65.


It scans and clears codes. We’ve used DME (engine); EGS(gearbox); ABS, and, SRS (airbag) on E38 and on E39.

Each time it has done exactly as you’d hope and expect, even putting out the notoriously persistent E38/39 airbag light on more than one car.

We have access to INPA, BMW Scanner etc. and to a brand new Snap-On Solus Pro, but this wee thing is so easy to use, carry and store, that I’ll start whatever I’m doing with this and only use another option if it is out of its depth.

Obviously, it’s a code scanner and reader, not a programming solution. You can’t recode or reprogram anything with this, but you can read and clear error and fault codes on just about all modules on just about any BMW.

For the price, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

This is an unpaid for and unsolicited review of a product purchased and paid for.  Our use is in a professional workshop and the product may not have  been designed for home use

I have not been paid for this review in cash or kind and I paid for the only one of these products that I possess.

You can buy one here:- Creator C310+ on Amazon

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