What do we do?

Servicing, Maintenance and Restoration. 

From a simple oil change all the way to a full nut and bolt restoration and everything and anything in between. Keep an eye on the Workshop Diary section for news on what we are working on just now.

New and Used Parts for Sale

Sometimes, unfortunately, a car is too far gone to be restored, but can provide a useful and valuable source of parts. Nowadays, breaking one of the type of cars we deal with would normally be a last resort, but without a source of parts, the long term survival of the other, better cars would be compromised and it has to be done.  It’s Darwin’s natural selection and survival of the fittest applied to classic cars.

Our online shop supplies an idea of what we have in stock, but a phone call, email or visit is a better way of checking.

Cars For Sale

We’ll usually have one or two of the type of cars we deal with available for sale at any given time. We’ll also know of others available from customers or other contacts. We may be interested in buying your classic BMW or other classic car.  Again personal contact would normally be the best way to find out what we have, because although though we do advertise all our sales stock on here,  Car and Classic  and sometimes on Gumtree and Facebook, we may know of something due in or for sale elsewhere that could fit the bill.

Other Services

Insurance  Agreed Value and other Valuations

Pre (or post) purchase inspection and recommendations

Classic Car Transport